5 Types: Why Deck Material Selection Matters

Make The Right Deck Material Selection For Your Backyard. See Why It’s Important!

The deck best described as a venerable status symbol of suburbia is a personal oasis for homeowners after a hard week of work. Typical deck décor, playing host to the chatter of family, extended family, and neighbors gathered to celebrate the customary summertime events of Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July. Of course, we can’t forget the barbecue grill, Adirondack chairs, and patio set complete with an umbrella. The deck is also a haven for young children to play on while affording mom and dad an easy view from the house window.

While the traditional ways of enjoying a deck have remained unchanged in the suburban American culture, deck design options have expanded, along with an abundance of new and varied deck material to fit any household budget.

Here are five popular and unique deck material selections to choose from:


The favorite natural wood, pressure-treated deck, is still popular for being a low-cost to build. There are two color choices of tan or brown. Such natural wood decks do require refinishing every two years with a clear sealer or stain. Nevertheless, the natural wood decks are the best economical deck material selection if seeking a large deck for those large family gatherings.


Cedar decks are both lightweight and sturdy wood. The natural oils and tannins make Cedar resistant to rot, insects, and an excellent deck material selection for homes along the coast. Cedar can be stained or sealed to thwart cracks and splinters. The beauty of this deck material, which comes in grades, is offset only by its cost per square foot. The best categories of Cedar wood are architect clear, custom clear, architect knotty, and custom knotty. Equal in many ways to Cedar is Redwood — but significantly more costly per square foot.


Bluestone is a non-slip, natural flagstone material that provides a touch of elegance to a home. It has a blue hue, as the name would indicate. Since it is a non-slip material, Bluestone is the perfect choice for decking around the swimming pool or as detached island decking in the backyard. Bluestone is a superb choice where rainfall is abundant but does get unpleasantly hot when in the direct path of the rays of the sun. A natural quarried stone material, it can be a beautiful addition to your backyard.


A composite deck is a manufactured deck material that is a mix of wood fibers and recycled plastic. This deck sports a ‘wood-like’ texture but will not rot, warp, splinter, nor become home to insects as can befall natural wood decks. Non-textured composite decks can be slippery. While low maintenance, these decks are not maintenance-free. They can be prone to mold or mildew when located in a damp location and to decay due to its wood filler. Homeowners can, however, generally expect to get twenty-five to thirty years of enjoyment from such a deck and why it is growing in popularity.


The best grade aluminum deck is a waterproof, interlocking board design providing a uniform look without gaps. Waterproof aluminum is recommended in areas with much rainfall. Powder finishes offer the most color choices; however, bear in mind that manufacturers are known to discontinue colors, so consider buying a few extra boards in case repairs are required. Aluminum decks are low maintenance and provide decades-long durability due to inability to rust, warp, splinter, rot, crack, peel, or blister. These decks are mold-resistant and free of any insect infiltration.

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