Basement Finishing: Key Factors to A Cozy Space

Basement Finishing: Key To a Successful Remodel or Renovation

Your home should always feel warm, inviting, and comfortable. One way to keep it comfortable and add more space to your home is through basement finishing. The basement can be utilized in many different ways if you decide to tackle that project:

Your Family is Growing

Having a big family is great, but if you don’t have space for it, it can get crowded. Tripping over toys and constantly having to tell the kids to play outside or in their rooms can be exhausting. Once they are teenagers, you have to deal with even more kids in the house, seeing as they are always with their friends. If you invest in basement finishing, you are opening up an entire layer of the house for your kids to enjoy coloring, a game of foosball, and defeating those aliens on the PlayStation.

The Man Cave

Family time is enjoyable and loving, however, sometimes you just want to enjoy NFL Sundays in solitude. Why not convert your basement into a “man cave?” Add a couch, a recliner, and of course a mounted flat-screen TV. You can utilize the space in a finished basement and add a fridge and some other seating for when you invite your buddies over. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the game.

Office Space

Many jobs today allow their employees to work out of the comfort of their own homes, however, not many people have the space for an at-home office. Basement finishing will allow you to create a big, quiet work space designated for you to focus and get your work done. Take advantage of the space by adding a big desk, a comfortable office chair, and the largest monitor you can find! Working has never been more relaxing.

In-Home Gym

Most people decide to go to the gym after work. Therefore, it’s always busy. There’s nothing worse than standing around waiting for a machine or feeling rushed when you’re on one. With a finished basement, you can convert that space into your very own gym. You won’t have to wait your turn, you can wear whatever you want, and you save money on a membership.

The In-Laws

It’s always a good time when family visits, but when they stay overnight, it could get a bit crowded. Your teenagers don’t want to give up their rooms, you only have so much space on the couches, and where will you sleep if you give up your bed to the in-laws? Finish your basement and add a nice space for your visitors to stay! If your basement is big enough, you can even add a bathroom to make it more accessible for your family.

Adds Value

Basement finishing adds space to your home, comfort, and even fun – depending on what you plan to put down there once it’s finished, but in the end, it adds value no matter what. Having a finished basement create livable square footage, making the value of your home skyrocket. If you decide to sell your home in the future, finish the basement first to get that extra cash.

Health & Safety

The added space to your home with a finished basement is a plus, but what is even better? Your health and safety. A finished basement eliminates damp and moldy areas you may have in a regular basement. These areas can cause mold and damage to the walls or floors. Once you’ve finished your basement with new, dry flooring, carpets, walls, and more, you eliminate the potential toxic problems you may have developed.

Basement finishing creates comfortability and keeps your home economically positive. If this is something you choose to do, thinking about the lifestyle and investment opportunities a finished basement can provide. Think about anything from an additional room, to entertainment, to your very own designated quiet space, and plan it out accordingly. Morgan Contractors specializes in construction, design, and remodeling. Allow us to tackle your basement finishing project.


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