7 Bathroom Remodel Ideas & Decor Trends 2021

Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Decor Trends 2021 that are Trending Hot

Bathrooms have become a place of relaxation and refuge for many people in their homes. If you’re looking to change up your bathroom design from outdated pink sinks and worn-down linoleum flooring to a tranquil oasis, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 7 inspiring bathroom remodel you’ll want to try for your next bathroom remodel or a simple update.

Combination of Modern and Organic

Minimalist and modern bathroom designs pair perfectly with organic decorative elements to create a clean and elegant atmosphere. Plants are a great way to quickly lighten the mood and leave the bathroom feeling fresh.

Classy Matte Black

Matte black offers a timeless and stylish feel to your bathroom, especially when it is used as an accent wall, or on fixtures and hardware. The shade can be paired with welcoming, neutral colors through mirrors, tiles, lights, windows, faucets, and tubs.

Metal Bathroom Fixtures

In recent years, metal hardware fixtures were the go-to trend and this year they are making their appearance once again. Copper, gold, and nickel-plated hardware fixtures offer glamor and contrast to natural materials such as wood, granite, and marble, while complimenting shiny tiles.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

To make your bathroom look luxurious with minimal effort, frameless glass shower doors are a must. They help make the room look bigger and are easy to clean.

Industrial Designs

A stylized form of industrial bathroom designs is seeing a huge resurgence. By utilizing raw materials paired with concrete countertops, visible brick walls, exposed metal piping, and wooden features, you can create “unfinished” elegance for a minimalist bathroom look.

Mirrors and Lighting

In a bathroom, mirrors and lighting are crucial to get right. For 2021, large mirrors that are square and rectangular in shape will help to visually create a larger space. Ambient and task lighting fixtures should be replaced from harsh florescent bulbs to a softer CFL or LED ones with low color temperature.

Large, Freestanding Tubs

The best way to transform your bathroom in an instant is to add a freestanding tub. This style of tub can make the bathroom look unique and serve as a statement piece. Freestanding tubs come in a variety of different colors, materials, and designs to compliment your space.

Trust the home remodeling experts at Morgan Contractors to advise on the fixtures and décor that will work best for your bathroom space. Contact us for a free evaluation and price quote to upgrade your bathroom with the newest and hottest bathroom remodel ideas and decor trends 2021.

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