Building a Wood Deck: 4 Top Things to Consider

Four Things to Consider When Building a Wood Deck

You have made the wise choice to build a wood deck at your house for special occasions, barbeques, and a place to relax. No matter what you choose to do with it, creating a deck is a positive step toward maximizing your living space, adding comfort, and making your home more attractive and valuable.

Choosing to construct a wood deck for your home is the easy part; there are many options to guarantee that the result is an addition you can be happy with and make good use of.

The following are areas to think about when undergoing the process of building a wood deck.


Considering the size of your deck will save you from ending up with a finished project that is either too small to meet your needs or so big that it takes up more of your property than initially intended. You may want to consider marking the size of your deck with string or markers to provide a basic outline. This will allow you to see the exact size of the deck and adjust accordingly.

Be sure to check with your local building department to confirm that your deck’s size is permitted under the current regulations. In most cases, you will be required to obtain a permit for your project.


The materials you use to construct your deck will ultimately determine its life. The wood materials and hardware should withstand sun, rain, and wind. The wood that you use choose should be pressure-treated. Some types of wood, such as pine and spruce, are not known to tolerate extreme weather conditions, so steering clear of these would be beneficial.

Staining your deck with a sealer helps as it prevents rain, sunshine, and tree emissions from penetrating the wood, which will ruin it over time.

Use & Layout

Being mindful of what purpose your deck will serve will guarantee your result will be a deck that meets your needs entirely.

Will you use it for dining and entertaining? Confirm the deck has easy access to your kitchen, and there is room for people to sit on both sides of a table.

Will the deck accommodate a hot tub? Make sure your footings and beams will hold the extra weight.

Do you have an above-ground pool? Make sure your plan entails having the deck meet the edge of the pool, and it includes a fence around the pool. If you want to use your deck for relaxing and sunbathing, your deck should be big enough to fit fully reclined chairs when in use.


Local building regulations specify what you need to do when building a wood deck to guarantee it is constructed in a way that keeps everyone safe while using it. Reviewing these documents will confirm that your deck is being built correctly and will prevent any legal ramifications later on.

The railings on your deck need to be spaced a certain width apart and high enough to prevent people from falling off and sustaining injuries. Consider hand railings on your stairs to assist children and older adults.

The footings that you use could be the difference between a safe deck and one that could be problematic in the future. Footings can either be pier-type, buried posts, or pier and footing. Whichever type you choose, make sure your footings are stable. If buried, confirm that the post is buried below the frost line, or they will shift with freezing and thawing during season changes. If you are using footings, do not place them on disturbed soil.

Start Building a Wood Deck Today

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Building a Wood Deck: 4 Top Things to Consider

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