6 Home Renovation Ideas For Spring 2020

6 Home Renovation Projects To Wake Up Your Home

SPRING IS HERE, and with it, there comes the arrival of warm sun, blue skies, green grass, and brighter days. As most of us have weathered these past few challenging months, finding ways to move forward has been a routine goal. Home renovation projects are a great way you can invest in your home and make your home that much more enjoyable.

Here are some of the popular home renovation projects that are sure to put your home in alignment with the inspiring warmth, natural light, nature’s proper order, and fresh, bold colors of springtime:

Deck Construction

The best way to enjoy the warmth of the sun’s spring and summer rays is to relax on a chaise lounge or Adirondack chair on a home deck! In a recent blog, 5 Types: Why Deck Material Selection Matters, we explained the many choices for deck flooring.  There are also many deck design options. There are raised decks attached to the lower level of the home, second-story decks, multi-level decks with lighted stairs, a ground-level detached deck of wood or stone, and decks built around an above-ground pool, or atop the garage roof.

Reorganizing Closets

Spring is the best time to clean and eliminate closet clutter while updating wardrobes with the latest spring fashions. Feel lighter, as you open the closet and find there is a place for everything and everything in its special place! It starts with the popular home renovation project of closet reorganization. Consider adding adjustable shelves and rods, a built-in hamper, shoe shelves to eliminate floor clutter, differing rod heights, built-in drawers, and cubes.

Painting Interior Walls

The most straightforward home renovation is to modernize the rooms of a home to the trending 2020 colors, classic blue, blush pink, hunter green, and cavern clay. White-on-white-on-white, burnt orange and rust paint shades in limited areas, peacock blue, and off-black are also well-liked. Our recent blog, Do You Know The Different Sheen Levels in Paint, shares knowledge of when to use a matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss, satin, flat, or eggshell paint sheen.

Updating Windows and Doors

Without a doubt, updating a home’s windows and doors is an open and shut case to retaining the value of the home investment — and an excellent home renovation project this spring!

A home’s windows and doors bring curb appeal as they highlight the home’s architecture. The initial expenditure of updating windows and doors, however, goes beyond the aesthetics of curb appeal; the initial spending of updating windows and doors returned in higher energy efficiency and cost-savings to the heating and cooling bills.

Updating Kitchen and Bath

Just a few simple updates can be a breath of fresh air to the kitchen. Consider keeping the old cabinets and re-face or repaint the doors, changing the light fixture over the table, and updating drawer and cabinet handles.  Create a colorful tile backsplash over the sink area. More elaborate updates include center islands, durable natural stone counters of quartz or granite, and hardwood flooring.

Consider the latest bathroom trends of 2020: vibrant and warm earth colors rather than neutral gray, painting a bold color on an accent wall, or add marble, mosaic tile, natural stone, or wood. Practical updates include dual sinks, a water-efficient toilet, and modern light fixtures with long-lasting energy-efficient bulbs. For a bit of luxury, consider the addition of a heated floor to take the chill off cold mornings.

Updating Home Siding

Always an excellent investment in curb appeal and home energy efficiency, update the exterior siding of your home from its outdated wood clapboard, wood shingles, and older aluminum siding. Popular options now include vinyl, stone, and fiber cement siding. Vinyl is the most budget-friendly choice. Logically, window and door updates should be first, so the siding is not disturbed by the installation of the windows.

Whether you’re interested in taking on a DIY project, you require the expertise of professionals, or you need to restore damage sustained from water or fire – Morgan Contractors is here. Contact us today for a free quote.

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