How To Choose Floor Tiles For Your Home

The Best Practices On How To Choose Floor Tiles For Your Home

If you’re in the beginning stages of renovating your home, you may soon find yourself overwhelmed with a plethora of options to choose from. While some decisions are a matter of preference – others have everything to do with matching the right material with the right space. Tiles are no exception to this.

When selecting tiles for your home, beyond considering the material, design, texture, and color – you must acknowledge that not every tile works for every surface.

If you’re wondering how to choose floor tiles, let’s take a look at some extra considerations to be mindful of during the selection.

Tile Absorption

If you are looking for floor tiles, perhaps an overly absorbent option may not be a suitable choice. Every tile has differing degrees of porosity. Areas that see a lot of moisture like a laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen should have tiles with minimal absorption. So, based on differing ratios of air holes to solid tile – what are the choices?

  • Non-Vitreous
    This tile format is not suggested for floor use of any kind. These tiles have an absorption rate of 7 percent.
  • Semi-Vitreous
    Moving in the right direction, this tile is less absorbent, but there are still more appropriate options on the market for high moisture areas. The water absorption rate for semi-vitreous tiles is 3 – 7 percent.
  • Vitreous
    With a water absorption rate of 0.5 – 3 percent, a tile with this porosity ratio would work best in a bedroom or living room.
  • Impervious
    This tile is highly recommended for floor use in mudrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. You can rest assured that your tiles will withstand any moisture that comes its way. These tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent.

Tile Durability

Another consideration when selecting floor tiles is durability. Tiles vary on their degree of hardiness. Areas that see the most foot traffic in your home should use some of the most resilient materials on the market. A stone’s ability to withstand heavy usage and scratches is measured by something called the Moh’s scale. Using these ratings, homeowners are able to make the appropriate selection for each space.

  • Class I Rating
    As far as floor tiles go, this scale of hardiness will not be able to withstand traditional foot traffic in any room of your home. However, if you’re considering putting tiles on your walls, tiles with this class rating can be a great option.
  • Class II Rating
    For your walls or areas that seldom see any hard-soled shoes, this hardness rating works well. Use these tiles in your bedroom or bathroom.
  • Class III Rating
    These tiles could handle their fair share of moderate traffic. We still wouldn’t suggest trudging through these areas with debris on your shoes, but they could work well in rooms that see an average amount of traction. And of course, your walls and countertops could benefit as well.
  • Class IV Rating
    We’re well on our way into a hardiness rating that can withstand some serious traffic. When considering the areas of your home that really take a beating – this is the tile hardness you want to use. Your kitchen, hallways, and entrance are used on a regular basis and could really stand to have a tile that maintains its durability.
  • Class V Rating
    This rating is so durable we can take it to commercial or industrial areas. Any kind of shoe, any kind of debris, any frequency of traction is no problem for these tiles.

Are You Ready To Choose Floor Tiles For Your Home and Need Help?

When it comes to renovating your home, you want to make sure you’ve done your homework. Renovations don’t have to be burdensome.

Call Morgan Contractors and discover how using a seasoned contractor will help during every stage of the process. Contact us today for a consultation!


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