How to Update Interior Columns

Update Interior Columns

Several types of interior columns or posts can exist in a house or office: ones that provide support, ones that divide rooms like in an entryway, or those used solely for decoration.

Throughout history, architects and designers have had to address columns that are built for structural support and how to make them attractive at the same time. In open and large floor plans, they are typically unavoidable.

A wide array of interior column design ideas can be incorporated into a home or office, whether it’s modern, contemporary, eclectic, traditional, beach-style, rustic, or other. Posts can be round, square and decorative.

If you have interior columns or posts anywhere in your home or office, you can update their appearance to make them stand out and become accent pieces in your rooms.

Interior Columns Design Ideas


If you have a low budget and do not want to make this task a big one, try painting the columns. Choose a color different from what is on the walls. A medium beige or gray will add a sophisticated look to your décor. For a bold statement, opt for a trendy color such as deep purple or dark green.

For additional interest, use faux or textured paint to create a unique look. Paint works well regardless of the shape of your post.


For a rectangular post, you can dress up its look with tile. Granite or marble will result in a classic, sleek, and elegant appearance. A coordinating color will give your space a stylish look, while a contrasting color will make the post or column a focal point in the room.

For something more rustic, you can try a gorgeous stacked stone or even faux brick.


Another excellent option for a rectangular post or column is to wrap it in luxurious wood. You can use a light, natural wood for a contemporary look or a darker wood for a more traditional appearance.

If you have a round post, you can wrap it in a flexible wood veneer to get the look you want. Wood works with almost any décor, and it will give your posts and columns a touch of style.

Many décor choices exist for interior columns to make them look chic. So don’t settle for a boring-looking post when you can create a genuine decorator piece in your home.

Interior Pillars and Columns, Update Today

With so many interior columns design ideas to choose from, it is hard to incorporate them into one short article.

Here our goal was to provide you with a few quick ideas to spark your imagination. Once you contact Morgan Contractors, we will let your imagination run wild when we provide you with many beautiful and decorative options.

From modern interior columns to traditional, eclectic and more, we have the perfect interior columns design for you, your home or your office.

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