Ideas: How To Tile Around Windows and Door Frames

Tile Around Windows and Doors

Are you dealing with a home improvement project, have existing frameless windows and doors, or want to change your home’s moldings?

If you are remodeling, have your windows and doorways become uninspiring?

Have you thought about tiling? Probably not since it has not typically been done in the past. But it has become an idea that is enlightening many home and commercial building owners.

Tiling provides for a very different and distinct look. With an unlimited amount of sizes, colors and patterns available, the designs are limitless.

If you want your rooms to have the “wow” effect, it’s time to think about replacing the standard wood trims and moldings with tile.

Tile Around Windows

For windows with blinds, shades, or shutters, tile around the outer edges of the window will create a great look.

If your windows are small and you want them to appear larger, use square tiles.

For large windows that you want to highlight and be the focus, use slim rectangular tiles.

If you want a bold look, choose multi-colored tiles.

For a more sophisticated appearance, opt for neutral colors with a minimal pattern.

Tile Around Doorways

For entryways into hallways or formal dining, areas tiling can provide the grand entry effect.

Select tile and colors that will blend with the decor of the room. If you change your accessories often, it is best to select neutral tile colors and patterns that blend well with any decor.

Geometric patterned tile looks excellent if you want to achieve a modern look. However, for a more traditional appearance, opt for a marble-like pattern.

When tiling doorways in the smaller room where you are tiling around the windows, keep it the same or similar.

And What About Mirrors?

Many homes have frameless mirrors in the bathroom and rooms such as bedrooms.

If the mirror isn’t flush against a side wall, then you can create a gorgeous look by placing tile all around the mirror.

If the mirror hangs low, installing tiles along each side and the top will look equally fabulous.

For mirrors that are flush against a side wall, place your choice of square or rectangular tiles in a straight line across the top and bottom of the mirror for a stunning outcome that will capture everyone’s attention.

Tile Around Windows and Door Frames, The Final Result

Using tile is an excellent option that will add texture and color to your home. It’s a fabulous alternative to wood and creates a distinctive look that you won’t see in many houses. This type of smooth material is also easy to clean and doesn’t accumulate dust as much as wood tends to do, so maintenance is a breeze. Gorgeous, colorfully-patterned tile is simply a great all-around choice when you want to improve the look of your home.

If you are interested in tiling around your windows and doors, contact Morgan Contractors to get started. Whether it is new construction, a simple remodel or a complete renovation, our expert professional contractors are here to do the job for you with the utmost of perfection.

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