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Kinnelon NJ Home Improvement, Remodeling Contractor

Kinnelon NJ Home Addition Contractors Can Help Give Your Home a New Look

There are many ways to view a Kinnelon NJ home improvement and remodeling project.

First, you may want to improve your home for your own pleasure and enjoyment.

Second, you want an additional space with the new room. Perhaps your family is growing, and you need another bedroom. Building an addition can be the best choice so they can live with you but have their own space as well.

Another reason to hire a home remodeling company is that you want to rent out part of your home as a side business.

Don’t be frightened off if a room addition sounds too monumental to start with. There are other ways to begin your home remodeling journey.

Interior Home Improvement and Remodeling

Starting small like hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor is the way many people choose to begin their home improvement. It can be a big step and you can ease into the changes by starting with your smallest room and moving on to a larger room like your kitchen or basement.

Common types of interior remodeling jobs include:


This can include new appliances, new tile on the floor and as a backsplash, or opening up a wall to a great room. The addition of technology to your kitchen is a trend for 2022, upgrading it to a smart kitchen.


Renovation of your old bathroom could have you spending hours in your new clawfoot bathtub. A new tub, a double-wide vanity, a walk-in shower, or a water-saving toilet could have your family wondering where you’ve gone off to.


Having a finished basement adds value and purpose to your home. This can be a separate apartment for a family member or renter. Or you can build a kitchen or media room for easy entertaining with family and guests.


As many children grow into their teen years and find the bedroom they grew up in is too young, they want new. An attic is a perfect spot for them to have their own teenage space.

Exterior Home Improvement and Remodeling

The outside of your home is where you might want to start when considering a Kinnelon NJ home improvement and remodeling project. Seeing a newly remodeled exterior when you drive up can give you that exciting feeling of a brand-new start.

If you are selling your home or about to put it on the market, a fresh exterior will be a plus when it comes to curb appeal. So whether you plan to stay where you are for years to come, or you’re getting ready to move on, a newly painted, freshly remodeled exterior will enhance the beauty of your home.

Types of improvements you can have done on the exterior of your home include:

  • Switching out your doors and maybe switch from a single door to double doors
  • New siding to give your home an upgraded look
  • Energy-saving double-paned windows
  • Larger windows or sliding glass doors to let in more light and add a feeling of openness
  • A fresh paint job that can brighten up even the simplest frame houses
  • Adding a new deck or installing a cover on your existing one
  • Building a kitchen outside so you can enjoy perfect weather while entertaining

Choose The Right Kinnelon NJ Home Improvement and Remodeling Contractor

So many options are available to you when you decide that a Kinnelon NJ home improvement and remodeling project is in your future.

Choosing the right Kinnelon NJ home improvement and remodeling contractors can make all the difference. At Morgan Contractors, we are confident we can make that difference.

Feel free to browse our portfolio and read our reviews. If you require financial help, we can help you with that as well. We partner with “Hearth” which offers affordable monthly payment options, no-prepayment penalties, no home equity required and get funding within one to three days.

So, what do you have to lose? Nothing when you contact us. We will discuss all your Kinnelon NJ home improvement and remodeling options, and then you can decide if we are right for you.

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