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Morgan Contractor Services: Adding a Garage Addition in NJ

Do you need more space? Are you considering a new custom garage and have been searching for garage addition contractors?

Adding a garage addition structure to your existing home or commercial property can give you a 100 percent return on your investment. It adds square feet, enables a safe place for vehicles, and provides storage for all of your house or business extras. In addition, your family will welcome the additional space.

When searching for garage addition contractors, make sure they are licensed, insured, trusted and reliable commercial, residential garage builders. When deciding on an attached garage addition or detached garage addition, there is much to know.

This article discusses what you need to know when adding a garage to your home or commercial property with Morgan Contractor Services. 

Talk to Your Commercial, Residential Garage Builders About a Detached or Attached Garage

When you consult with the garage addition contractors at Morgan about a new garage, discussing attached vs. detached may be a concern for you. The final decision will depend on a few factors: the space allowed, the town zoning laws, and the final cost.

There are many scenarios and configurations that must be taken into account. For example, you might have room for a two-car garage if it’s attached, but not enough room for a two-car garage if it’s detached.

Zoning Laws

Before the plans are drawn, it is essential to check with the local zoning laws in the town to see what types of requirements they have in place.

Zoning laws can dictate the size of the garage, how close it can be to the roadway, and even things like siding and roof shingles. So that two-car garage may have to be a one-car.

Zoning laws may also factor in how your driveway adjoins the roadway.

Before adding an attached garage addition or detached garage addition, it’s important to know local zoning laws.

The town’s local codes are vital, and when hiring, Morgan Contractors can help with these expeditiously. 

Additions Above The Garage

Are you considering adding space above the garage?

When hiring Morgan Contractors and the local zoning laws have been laid out, the process of building a garage addition can begin with expertise. 

Would you like the space above the garage to be for storage? Or perhaps do you want an office, bedrooms or rec room? How about a master suite with a bathroom? Do you need more space for the in-laws when they visit or even a permanent home for a family member? 

You name it; Morgan Contractors can create it. 

Commercial, Residential Garage Builders: What You Need to Know

When hiring Morgan Contracting as your commercial or residential garage addition contractors, you can rest assured your new space will be constructed to meet all zoning laws and the workmanship will be of the highest quality.

Let us help you solve your garage addition solutions in New Jersey! Be sure to contact us today so we can start planning and building that extra space for your vehicles, storage and even rooms above.

Morgan Contractors: The Garage Addition Contractors Choice in NJ

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