10 Ways To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

10 Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger 

A small home can feel cramped and tight if you don’t plan out every element of design, from the colors you use to the size of your furniture. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make a smaller room and home feel more spacious.

The following are ten tips to help you do just that, make your small room look bigger:

Add Skylights 

Opening up the ceiling to the outdoors is an easy way to make a room feel more spacious. The less wall or ceiling space there is in a room, the less cramped it will feel. You’ll also be letting in more natural light, which goes a long way in making a room feel lighter and airier. 

Build Storage Space Into The Stairway

Stairways tend to take up a lot of space, space that you can be using. Consider building storage underneath your stairway to help keep the rest of your home from getting too cluttered. Your options are varied when it comes to the stairway – you could build in shelves, drawers or an entire closet depending on your needs.

Build Storage Up To Your Ceilings

Shelves often stop before they reach the ceiling. However, that’s a lot of space that you could be using. Instead, build your shelves or cabinets up to the ceiling and store items that you use less frequently near the top. In addition to providing more storage space, you’ll be adding to the vertical design of the room, which helps to draw the eye upward, thereby creating the perception of added space.

Remove a Wall

Some home designs have walls dividing smaller rooms that aren’t necessary. For example, if you have a small living room next to a small dining room, consider just taking the wall down in order to create a more open space. 

Use Lighter Colors

How to make a room look bigger with paint?

Using darker shades in a room will cause it to feel smaller and tighter. Use lighter colors instead to make the room brighter and less gloomy. Not to mention that lighter colors will reflect lighter better, creating a more airy and spacious atmosphere.

Use Fold-up Furniture

There are some spaces in the home where you will want to have chair and table options, but that may not have the space to house them permanently. An example of this might be a smaller kitchen. Fold-up furniture is perfect for the kitchen as this will allow you to add a table and chairs when needed without causing permanent obstructions in the kitchen.

Use Mirrors

The question on the minds of many who have small rooms is, “how to make a small room look bigger with mirrors ?”

Mirrors are an excellent design element for smaller rooms. This is because they help to reflect light throughout the room and create the perception of added space through their reflections.

Build a Raised Hearth

If you have a fireplace but limited space to surround it with furniture, then consider building a raised hearth around it. Not only will you have added extra space to sit near the fireplace, but you can also use the hearth as shelf space if you need it.

Build a Kitchen Peninsula

If you have a smaller kitchen separated by a wall, you may want to take the wall down and add a kitchen peninsula. This will help provide your kitchen with several functions. For example, the peninsula can act as a divider between your kitchen and whatever room it connects to without taking away a feeling of openness. It will provide you with additional counter and storage space, and it can act as another dining area.

Build a Deck

Number ten and the last on our list of ways to make your small room look bigger is building a deck. Even though this will be outside, it can impact a room’s look and feel.

Decks expand the outdoor area of your home. A deck not only makes your home look bigger visually, but it also provides you with an additional space to use for entertaining guests or to simply relax on, which makes it a great benefit to one’s lifestyle.

As the deck increases outside fun, if it extends beyond the kitchen, family room, bedroom or other, adding a sliding door or large window certainly will give the room a more prominent appearance.

Are You Looking To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger?

If you feel that the rooms in your home are too small, consider using some of these ten tips to make your house feel bigger, roomier and more welcoming. Contact the experts in home remodeling and renovations, Morgan Contractors. Our team of professional contractors is ready to help you make your home or individual room look bigger.

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