Navigating Your Kitchen Reno With Ease

3 Tips to Help You Survive Your Kitchen Reno

If you read our recent blog, Home Renovation Ideas For Spring 2020, you’d know that updating the kitchen is one of the most popular renovation projects. It is nothing short of creating a ‘dream’ paradise, not to be taken for ‘granite’ countertops alone!

With the help of the many renovation ideas offered by home design magazines, a kitchen reno can run the gamut of installing newer cabinets, setting down modern hardwood, slate, or vinyl flooring, putting in a colorful tile backsplash over the sink, or the creation of a center island! Whether your kitchen remake encompasses one, or all of the above ideas, we want to prepare you for the reality of the renovation— before the dream comes to be! Keep serenity at peak during the kitchen ‘reno’ with the following three practical tips in navigating this period of transformation.

Adjust to the Dust

It is advisable to arrange other living arrangements for those who are most bothered by excessive dirt, dust, chemical fumes, and noise — infants, young children, the elderly, and the family dog and cat. Moreover, the innate curiosity of a two-year-old toddler, or young child, at the work area can bring safety issues. A barking dog can take from a contractor’s concentration.

Stay in the reality that the kitchen reno dust is one of those things that you cannot sweep under the rug. Put the dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming on hold. Cover chairs and sofa with washable slipcovers or a large sheet, and cover tables. Morgan Contractors will do its part in keeping dust from the rest of your home by hanging a plastic tarp in the general work area and using a commercial shop vac to keep dust at a minimum.

Rearrange the Meal Routine

Using your kitchen will require some adaptation during the kitchen-remodeling project.

The fridge and dishwasher will be off-limits, so opt for essentials only, such as milk, butter, eggs, and cold drinks in picnic coolers with bags of ice, or a small dorm-size fridge. It may be easier to skip formal dining and opt for paper cups and paper plates. Moving the refrigerator to another room may also be a good solution.

If spring is the season for remodeling, eating out can be as simple as firing up the barbecue grill and eating on the backyard patio or screened-in porch. For quicker meals, such as breakfast and lunch, consider a makeshift kitchen set up with the microwave, coffeemaker, toaster, or toaster oven in the family room, front or back porch, a spare bedroom, or home office.

Set the Boundaries

The kitchen reno will require establishing boundaries for those who must enter your home daily to do their work and for the inquisitive young children or teens. Provide contractors with the use of the door closest to the kitchen area, to enter and leave by, to avoid the tracking of dirt throughout the house. Advise children not to go near the kitchen work area, during the day or after the workers have left for the day.testiEnsure that contractors are certified and licensed and carry liability insurance. Verify their business reputation with the Better Business Bureau and client testimonials, as found with Morgan Contractors Testimonials. When you’re ready to start planning your dream kitchen reno project, we’re here to help. Contact Morgan Contractors today!

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