Renovation: Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic Bedroom Ideas

You may have the potential to get additional living space within your existing home that you may not be aware of.

Do you have an attic? Have you ever been up there? Probably not, as most homeowners have never been. Many people typically find areas in their garage, basement and closets to store their belongings.

However, some do use their attics for storage. Their personal items sit peacefully under a pitched roof, waiting for someone to put a box of old photos and memories in as the attic sits alone, dark and dismal. In the past, this is what attics were used for.

What if we told you an attic bedroom could be in your near future.? If the ceiling has enough height to walk in and can fit the essential bedroom amenities, it’s a thought you may want to consider highly.

Can I have a bedroom in the attic? How do I maximize space in my attic? How do I convert my small attic into a bedroom? These may be a few questions you are asking right now.

So, let’s continue with the positive to get your mind exhilarated.

First, creating an attic bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated. Accommodating your belongings, clothes, and bed placement may seem like enormous hurdles, but we’ve curated some great tips on how you can make the most out of your attic space. With a little TLC, your attic will not only be a livable space but an enjoyable one as well.

Low Ceiling Attic Bedroom Ideas

What can I do with a low ceiling in the attic?

Attics with low ceilings lack light, space, and air, so by concentrating on these issues and approaching with a creative mind, the low ceiling attic is soon to be a low ceiling bedroom that appears bigger and brighter.


With lower ceilings, it’s probably best not to have a dramatic light fixture hanging down. Instead, mounting a light flush to the top makes the most sense. This way, it won’t take up any additional space.

Open Up With a Skylight

Installing a skylight or two that open will solve the lighting problem during the day and bring on the airflow needed in the daytime, nighttime and throughout the seasons.

Bed Placement

With a pitched-up, angled ceiling that comes together in the center, keep the bed away from the sidewalls, perhaps centering the bed. Make sure it is placed to avoid any situation where you arise suddenly in the middle of the night and hit your head. By placing your bed away from the walls, you can still access the shelving under the eaves, make your bed, and move around the space easily.

If the ceiling angles up to one side, then the bed placement will be best against the wall.

Small Attic Bedroom Ideas

What can I do with a small attic space?

The Window

If possible, replacing the existing window with a larger one could make all the difference in the world. For example, a floor-to-ceiling window could give you ample natural light to make the space look larger and feel more open.

Paint and Decor

Paint with light and natural colors limiting the quantity. Use accessories to brighten up the space; wall art, foliage, to name a few.

Finished Attic Storage Ideas

How do I make my attic usable for storage when renovating for a bedroom?

The Eaves

These are the angled portions of the roof that come together to create the pitched ceiling. It may seem awkward to navigate around the room as the ceiling slopes. The best way to utilize these slopes is by creating open shelving at the base of the ceiling. Your storage problem is solved, and the shelving prevents you from approaching the slope and banging your head.

Built-in Storage Bed

A bed with underneath storage is incredible when there is little space available to store items elsewhere. 

Who knew we could get so much space out of an attic! And these are only a small touch of the many attic bedroom ideas.

If you aren’t using your attic space to its full potential – contact Morgan Contractors and discover how we can transform your attic into a well-designed bedroom that looks and feel amazing.

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