Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

Small and Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Did you know around 2/3 of Americans own a grill? Now that summer is here; you may want to expand your grill station into a full-on outdoor kitchen. But what if your backyard is too small?

There’s a lot you can do even with limited room. From vertical space to creative seating, it takes a little imagination. But these simple outdoor kitchen ideas will make your space an oasis for backyard barbeques. 

Make a Kitchenette

One of the best outdoor kitchen ideas is to keep things simple by making a kitchenette. Most kitchenettes include these basics: fridge, sink, and counter space. Think of the kitchen in the last hotel room you stayed in. 

Kitchenettes work well in small outdoor spaces because they’re highly functional. And all that space you save without large appliances, you can put toward extra seating. 

It all comes down to what you need. Is your outdoor kitchen far from your indoor one? Do you need a full barbeque, drinks fridge, and other appliances out there?

Consider what you’re willing to carry to and from your house and what needs to be kept outside. If you want a grill and a pizza oven but only have space for one, you’ll have to make a tough call.

Use Vertical Space

The key to outdoor kitchen design is using your vertical space. When you’re making a kitchen in the backyard, the sky’s the limit–literally! So when you’re adding on an outdoor kitchen, consider how you’re going to maximize its height.

Vertical space can be a great asset because it keeps your countertops clear. Some outdoor kitchen ideas for small spaces could be using a pegboard to hang up your tools utensils. 

You can hang your pots and pans, too! That way, you don’t need cabinets. You can fit appliances into the spaces beneath your counters instead.

Use an Island

Small outdoor kitchen ideas sometimes overlook islands. But they can be a great multi-function tool that saves space and allows for extra seating.

You can use the island while you prep and cook. Then clear it off and invite your guests to use it as a table. You’ll want to make sure your island is the right size to complement the design of your kitchen.

Another benefit of an outdoor kitchen with an island is more storage space. You can build drawers and cabinets into your island to store your outdoor cookware. Include a couple of pull-out cutting boards, and you’ve got even more space to work with.  

Limit Your Seating

If your space is too small for an island, think about the essentials. Don’t stuff a full-sized fridge, stove, and dishwasher into your outdoor kitchen if it won’t all fit. Opt for a mini-fridge, two burners, and a small sink instead.

And don’t put 10 chairs around a patio table if your guests are going to feel uncomfortable. It’s better to limit seating and keep things simple. Your outdoor space will feel more inviting and organized that way.

When in doubt, look for other seating options. Some guests can sit by the kitchen and others on the deck. You just have to get creative!

Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

These simple outdoor kitchen ideas can get you started in making your yard a place you love to be. Just remember to get creative and use the space you have to your advantage. Keep things vertical and only let necessary items take up space.

Adding on an outdoor kitchen is a big project! It’s recommended to speak with a professional contractor to see how you can bring the project together just perfectly. To get in touch with Morgan Contractors, outdoor kitchen expert contractors, click here to set up a free consultation.

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