Small Basement Makeovers Sure To Exhilarate

Small Basement Makeovers

Did you know that renovating your basement can give you a return on investment of 75%? Having a finished basement can increase your home value because it provides a bonus living space. 

In addition to increasing the value of your home, doing a basement makeover is a great way to create a fun space for you and your family. 

Are you looking for small basement ideas on a budget? If so, keep reading for finished basement ideas. 

Add an Extra Bedroom

If you have a finished basement and are looking for basement makeovers on a budget, adding an extra bedroom is a great idea. Depending on the state of your basement, you may just need to add a little paint and buy furniture to transform the space.

Having an extra bedroom works great as a guest space, or you can possibly use the bedroom as a rental property. While it would result in a more expensive renovation, you could add a kitchenette and bathroom to make a mini apartment. 

Create a Home Gym

According to the CDC, you should aim to get around 150 minutes of exercise each week. If you have a hard time getting that amount, a great basement makeover idea is to create a home gym.

Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, turning your basement into a gym requires a small investment. 

All you need is some gym equipment, a Bluetooth speaker for music, and some workout mats. The higher the budget, the more equipment you can add to your home gym. 

Design an Extra Living Room

If you want extra living space, adding a living room could be a great use of your finished basement space. Basement living rooms can make a cozier space than your main living room, and they are ideal if you have kids. 

When renovating your basement to create a living room, try to keep the colors light. Having light colors will brighten up your basement. If you want to create contrast, add dark furniture.

Give Your Kids a Playroom

For families with kids, turning the basement into a playroom is a great use of space. If you have kids, the odds are good that they have toys in the main living space. 

By turning your basement into a playroom, you can solve the toy problem by keeping all the toys in one spot. 

When designing your basement playroom, don’t be afraid to add color and make it fun. You can paint fun designs on the walls, add colorful light fixtures, and even add a slide or climbing wall. 

If you are going to turn your basement into a playroom, carpet is the best flooring option. Kids trip and fall, so having carpet is better than hard floors.

Small Basement Makeovers, So Are You Ready to Do a Basement Makeover?

Making upgrades to your basement is a great way to increase your home value and give you more space in your home. If you are thinking about doing a basement makeover, be sure to keep these ideas in mind. 

Do you want to learn more about small basement makeovers? If so, check out our finished basement services today to see what we do, then contact us to learn more about the basement makeover cost.

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