6 Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas on a Budget

How To Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom on a Budget

Are you frustrated with the look of your small bathroom? Have you been searching for small bathroom makeover ideas online? If so, you are not alone.

Most homes have at least one small bathroom. Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to give up on style or functionality. You can quickly turn your tiny space into something special, spacious and lovely without having to dig deep into your wallet.

Take a look below to get a few small bathroom makeover ideas on a budget.

Declutter Your Bathroom

It’s incredible what a difference decluttering can make. Something as simple as keeping the floors and surfaces clear can transform your tiny bathroom into a spacious place for relaxation.

If you have storage space, keep your shampoos and soaps in a cabinet instead of in the open. Details like storing towels and toilet paper in small wooden baskets are easy solutions to spruce up your bathroom.

Keep It Simple

Because a small bathroom is limited, do not opt for fancy cabinets and fixtures that can overwhelm the overall feel and appearance. Have you ever heard of the saying, “less is more?” It can be true in this situation, both aesthetically and for your pocket.

Instead, stick with simple, clean lines, and avoid flashy finishes and moldings. Let the white marble bowl do the talking. Buying low-maintenance items can also be a significant advantage and benefit for your busy schedule.

Go the DIY Route Where You Can

For a small bathroom, you might want to consider doing the painting yourself. DIY projects can be fun, and they’re often cost-effective. But that depends on the work needed to complete the update as well as the time it takes.

You can hire a professional bathroom contractor for the actual renovation then have fun with the painting and adding of accessories.

Stick to a Simple Color Pallet

A bathroom should not just be for functionality; it needs to reflect your personality and be a special place within your home.

Having a unified color scheme can do wonders for a small bathroom. Neutral colors work well on walls and cabinets.

When decorating with accessories, try to avoid a scheme that is overly ambitious in design. Incorporating a few pops of color to brighten the bathroom can be easy. You can try adding wooden shelves or splashes of color through accessories like towels, curtains, faucets, a vanity mirror, and soap dispensers.

The key is to keep the small space balanced. Let the accent pieces stand out and do not clutter.

Create An Illusion of More Space

Matching the wall and floor tiles will create a continuous look and enhance the feeling of space. You can also create an optical illusion by installing horizontal style tiles that will help to widen the overall appearance.

Let us not forget the 70’s look and add those mirrors. Mirrors are truly an effective way of providing the illusion of more space. They are most often not expensive and are easy to install. You may not only save money but you will be making your small bathroom appear larger.

Update Cabinet Handles and Faucets

Are you sticking to a budget? Instead of buying new cabinets, updating them is a great way to save money while improving aesthetics. So if you want to give your small bathroom a low-budget new look, consider a few of these updates.

  1. Update the sink and tub faucets along with the cabinet handles.
  2. Choose the look and design that adds personality and that matches the bathroom’s existing aesthetic.

Doing this simple upgrade can have a significant impact on your bathroom’s look and feel.

Update Today With These Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Even though a small bathroom has limited space, so much can be done on a budget to make it look and feel amazing.

If you would like additional help with small bathroom makeover ideas, the creative design bathroom remodeling experts at Morgan Contractors are here to help you.

Let’s start planning your bathroom makeover today? We offer free design consultation. Get in touch.

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