Summer Home Renovations 2020

5 Home Renovations You’ll Want to Try This Summer

Are you contemplating your next home renovation project? There are several perks to renovating during the summer season. What’s more, there’s a lot you can do to make your home more aesthetically pleasing and functional. We’re seeing a rise in popularity with the following five ‘cool’ and safe renovation projects this summer. Are you looking to bring about envy-worthy curb appeal to your home? Keep reading.

Enhance your exterior with an updated deck

Let’s face it, outdoor living is coveted during the warmer months. Refreshing an outdated deck or installing one for the first time will have you extending your hours of enjoyment under the sun. You can add a simple, covered pergola to provide ample shade, low-voltage lighting for extra ambiance, built-in planter boxes around the perimeter to include more greenery and privacy, or add an extension to your existing deck to create two distinct living areas.

Get your home office in tip-top shape

Whether you’re working with a nook or an entire room, ensuring that you have a functional, clutter-free space to work without too many distractions is everything. As you may not be dealing with an area that’s perfectly square or rectangle, finding a layout that works may require some customized built-in storage or seating. A fresh coat of paint can also help to get those creative juices flowing.

Maximize your living space with an addition

Another great home renovation project for summer is an addition. If you’re looking to add a supplemental bedroom, den, office space, or screened–in porch, an addition can make this happen with ease.

Replace or paint your siding

Summer may be the best time to revamp your dated siding. Not only will the weather be more cooperative, but you will be amazed to see how updated siding can help you save on your energy bill. Newly installed siding is impact–resistant, energy–efficient, and won’t leave moisture trapped. What’s more, select materials are fully paintable should you ever want to give it a refreshing coat or change the color altogether. 

Install new windows and doors

The warm days of summer make this home renovation project ideal. Besides the apparent curb appeal and subsequent increase in the home resale value with new windows and doors, the installation of a modern Energy Star® window design provides ease of cleaning, higher energy efficiency, and impact resistance to cracking and breaking.

The above home renovation projects can be challenging and require an experienced home improvement contractor. Contact the NJ licensed professionals at Morgan Contractors to ensure the best results!

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