Do You Know The Different Sheen Levels In Paint?

Sheen Levels In Paint For Your Space

Decisions, decisions — such is a part of life at every juncture. As any decision dilemma can best be described as a ‘Goldilocks moment,’ that of finding the ‘just right’ sheen level in paint is especially relevant. Consequently, the decision-making process is always made simpler with the attainment of knowledge and experience.

As well-seasoned renovations and remodeling experts, Morgan Contractors wishes to stress the importance of understanding the different sheen levels in paint, to begin with.

Selecting The Right Sheen Levels In Paint For Your Space

When trying to navigate the various sheen options, which include gloss or semi-gloss, satin, flat, matte, or eggshell — the sheen level in paint needs to be determined based on several factors.  These factors include:

  • Room size
  • Type of room
  • Amount of light in the room
  • Condition of the walls

The measure of sheen level in paint is determined by whether the light reflects or absorbs the paint surface.  Flat or Matte paint finishes absorb the brightness of a room, while high gloss or semi-gloss finishes reflect the light.  A high gloss or semi-gloss paint provides a luster — and is quite easy to clean! If there are several imperfections on your walls – consider the choice of flat or matte finish paint.

Keep the size, type, and amount of natural and artificial light of the room in mind when determining the best paint finish. A high or semi-gloss sheen would be an excellent choice in the laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen, where its staining and mildew resistant character reign supreme, as well as having outstanding durability where many hands may touch the walls daily. High gloss is the choice also for cabinets, doors, baseboard trim, and ceiling moldings.

In rooms that do not have much natural or artificial light and are small in size, it only makes sense to choose a higher sheen level in the paint to add brightness to the room space.

Where the home path is ‘less traveled’— such as entrance foyers, closets, master bedroom, or a guest bedroom, a matte or flat paint finish works well. In contrast, the elegance of eggshell or soft, satin finishes are popular options for the family living space, formal dining rooms, children’s bedrooms, and hallways due to its elegant, lower sheen, soft, smooth finish, stain, and scuff-resistant character. Satin and eggshell finishes are also more easily washed than flat or matte painted surfaces.

More Tips!

We conclude with the following additional painting tips to ensure a ‘just right’ paint project:

  • Matte finishes have less cost per gallon and require less prep of walls before painting due to its characteristic of hiding wall imperfections.
  • High gloss or semi-gloss paint will call attention to any imperfections of the wall and requires thorough cleaning and spackling of holes to ensure a smooth painted surface. High gloss or semi-gloss paints will look darker than what the paint swatch shows, so consider making the color a shade lighter.
  • Eggshell finishes provide the best ‘true color.’ Eggshell paint finishes are easy to paint over, should you wish a new room color.
  • Higher quality paints have higher pigment levels and resins, which provides long-lasting durability and fewer paint applications to cover the wall surface.

If you’re thinking of taking on a painting project, Morgan Contractors can help make your life tremendously easier. Contact us and we can help you sort through color selection, sheen levels in paint, and so much more!

We do all types of home and commercial property improvements for interiors and exteriors. We also do additions and restorations if you have experienced damage due to an unexpected storm etc.

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