Basic Remodeling Guidelines for Smaller Spaces

Remodeling Guidelines for Smaller Spaces

Whether you intentionally purchased a smaller home with hopes of remodeling, or you have recently grown out of your space, expanding your home does not have to be a difficult process. Check out these remodeling tips before you upgrade your home.

Opening Up Rooms

If you don’t necessarily need a bigger home, just bigger rooms, try doubling up your internal space. Think about the room structures in your house. If you don’t use a smaller room, knocking down its walls to expand its adjacent living room is a great idea. You can even knock down room walls but still use the space for their intended purposes. For example, knocking down your dining room wall so the room flows straight into the kitchen will make your home feel bigger, without sacrificing any living space.

Expansive Additions

For a major remodeling project, expand your home up or out. If you’re looking for more square footage, an addition is the best choice. Price-wise, expanding outward is the cheapest option. Just keep in mind you will lose yard space in the process. If you don’t want to sacrifice any yard space, build up another story to your home. While this is typically a more expensive route, it can greatly increase the square footage of your home.

Converting Rooms

If you don’t want to knock down walls or build up new ones, try remodeling inside the home. Attic spaces can easily be turned into an office or bedroom. Unfinished basements can be converted into livable spaces just the same. Get creative with your unused space and your home will instantly feel bigger.

Build a Deck

Decks and patios are perfect for enjoying the fresh air. Build an outdoor seating area as an extension to your entertainment space. Having the option to spill your dinner party into a large patio will completely revamp the appearance of your home.

If you’re feeling too small for your space and are thinking of remodeling your home, reach out to the professionals at Morgan Contractors. Our team is highly skilled in both indoor and outdoor remodeling projects, giving you the roomy feel you’re looking for.


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